About Bloc

Our film industry experience

Blocmedia is a video production unit based in Brisbane QLD Australia. We have a wide range of clients, from corporates, events companies, community organisations, universities to state and local government.

Blocmedia enjoys a personal approach to filmmaking. Whether you know exactly what you want – or you need your project built and shaped from the ground up – from script to final product we always go the extra distance to make your project shine.

Bloc Media Promotional Videos

Blocmedia has created media for successful web campaigns, boosting clicks & likes, and has made movies to rally support for community & health organisations that have led to government funding and private sponsorship to sectors that really need it.

Charles Guy Mansfield

About Guy

Blocmedia is headed by Charles ‘Guy’ Mansfield, an award winning filmmaker with years of experience in documentary, corporate, community, education and arts media.


“I thrive on personal relationships with clients and the participants in the movies I make –I find a less formal and relaxed environment allows people to open up and give a natural, ‘from the heart’ performance on screen, which will always translate to greater audience engagement and support.”

Bloc enjoy making videos that impress their clients, and are always willing to discuss any project you have in mind.